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Grow Your Non-Profit

I help non-profit organizations succeed.


With a focus on fundraising consulting, organizational development, and leadership development, I coach my clients to lead an effective, impactful, and caring organization for their entire community and their dedicated leaders responsible for implementing their mission. 

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Fundraising Consulting

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Organizational and Leadership Development

In collaboration with Philanthropic Fundraising, I provide various fundraising services: 


  • Capital Campaign and Transformational Campaign Management

  • Fractional Development Support 

  • Development Assessments and Strategic Plans

  • Qualifying new Institutional Giving Prospects

  • Major Gift Planning and Coaching

  • Fundraising Leadership Coaching

  • Feasibility Studies

  • And so much more! 

As a Certified Professional Coach, I provide Organizational and Leadership Development Services. A strong, successful, and effective organization begins with how our organization is set up to meet our objectives. More importantly, who and how the leaders show up for themself, and others sets the tone and largely contributes to the organization's culture. These services include: 


  • Strategic Planning and Accountability Coaching

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Job Advancement Coaching

  • Burnout Solutions

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Workplace Culture Coaching

  • 7 Levels of Energy Assessment


I'm Farrah Ferriell, your Success Coach for Non-Profit Organizations. 

I have worked in nonprofit organizations since 1996 and have dedicated my career to one of the most influential and impactful sectors in our communities. 


I have led high-impact fundraising and external relations teams and have helped raise nearly $350M. 

I believe the non-profit sector deserves as much success and support as the for-profit sector and corporate community. 

This is why I have dedicated my coaching and consulting services to non-profit organizations and their leaders. 

I help non-profit organizations and their leaders grow their revenue, lead effectively and with compassion, and create a work culture where all look forward to coming in and creating impact everyday. 

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